This page is designated to clients who would like to write a testimonial from our past adventures.  Please send me a short description of our adventure so I can post it on this page.  Thanks, Peter Ramos, petergramos@msn.com
“After first meeting Peter on a climb of Mount Rainier, I hired him as my guide for a private expedition in the Tetons. The first day was “rock climbing school”. Peter taught me the basics, and ensured I got to experience and practice the skills he was teaching me before we headed up in the mountains. He is an excellent teacher: patient, articulate and calm. In the following couple of days, we reached the summits of Middle Teton and South Teton, and climbed back down the mountain. He did a great job coaching me along the way, ensuring my safety, and patiently and successfully leading me to two summits in one day! I had never rock climbed before, but I am now hooked and am already planning future climbs. Peter is a true expert, very conscientious at all times. He is also excellent company on a backcountry/climbing expedition! I can’t wait to travel with Peter again on future expeditions, and I highly recommend his services.”
– Hélène Barrette, Toronto, Canada

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I hired Peter to guide a friend and me to climb Guides Wall, Irene´s Arete and the Grand Teton. We could not be more satisfied. While always instilling a sense of safety, Peter keeps things light, and it´s a pleasure to spend time with him. He did a great job at juggling our groups different abilities and made sure everyone moved at their own pace. Peter will be my choice when planning future expeditions.

    Jim Reilly
    Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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