Ice Climbing

Ice climbing, as my mother recalls, “was way more fun than I would have ever thought.”  We will climb frozen waterfalls in a winter wonderland that you can only imagine possible in the mythical world of Narnia. It is a great way to get outside during the cold winter months, stay warm, and keep in shape.

Some of my favorite places to ice climb are in Hyalite Canyon just outside of Bozeman, MT and in the South Fork of the Shoshone River just outside of Cody, WY. Both areas offers some of the highest concentration of natural water ice available in the United States.

Whether you are an experienced ice climber or a beginner, each location has enough climbs to keep you engaged and excited to climb more. I was fortunate enough to take my own mother out ice climbing and she loved it!

Click the picture below it will take you to Montana Alpine Guides website where you will find pricing. Please remember to request me or contact me directly to book your trip.


Suzy “Mom” Ramos, 68yrs

Peter Ramos

ph: 406-570-8422

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