Antarctic Ski Expeditions

Join this year’s Antarctic Ski Expedition

When: Oct-Dec (dates flexible)

Minimum 21 days

Do you love to ski or snowboard? Have you ever wanted to travel to the most remote continent in the world? Do you have the desire to explore the Antarctic Peninsula by way of a sailboat?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this trip is for you.

Join me on the trip of your life as we sail on a 67ft yacht past the Cape Horn, across the open waters of the infamous Drake Passage and into the mountainous region of the Antarctic Peninsula. Once in Antarctica we will spend 28 days sailing around with the goal to ski from a different peak each day. We will access land with the use of a zodiac, tour all day in the 24 hour sunlight and return to the yacht for a gourmet meal and drinks of your choice. If the groups desires, we will spend a night or two on land for an attempt to ski from a larger peak.  Based on the group’s fitness level and ambition we could potentially ski from a 8,000ft (2,424m) peak.

The wildlife is abundant.  Along the way we will see penguin rockeries, seal colonies, whales that shoot water 15ft out of their blow holes, and a variety of Antarctic birds. We will anchor against sunken whaling vessels and in small coves next to ports owned by different countries.

This trip is amazing. It is recommended to anyone who has a desire for adventure and knows how to ski or snowboard. When you return from this trip, the images and memories will never be forgotten. Friends and family will constantly ask you about your experience and you will be eager and excited to tell them about the best trip of your life.

Please contact me for further details.

Peter Ramos
ph: 406-570-8422

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